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9 questions to ask before choosing a preschool

Choosing the right preschool can be tricky. After all, it’s a key time in your children’s development, and what they learn there will be with them for the rest of their lives. Here are some questions you should ask preschool or daycare authorities before enrolling your children.

1. What are the preschool fees?

Let’s be honest: budget is important, especially if you have more than one child. Prices can vary a lot, depending on the services offered by the preschool, the area, and the schedules. Be sure to ask about the different rates and the services included in each before you start.

2. Is the school licensed and accredited?

By law, all private schools must be licensed to ensure they meet basic health and safety standards. However, many schools may decide to go further and seek accreditation from specialized child care entities, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Accredited schools may be more expensive, but you’ll have peace of mind that your children are receiving quality care.

If possible, contact the licensing or accrediting agency for more information about the preschool.

3. What is their educational philosophy?

Pedagogical sciences are broad. There are different ways of teaching to meet the needs of different children. Some schools focus on art, others on sports or games, others are more open to families and self-care skills. Before making a decision, learn about the preschool’s approach to education.

4. How often do children rest and where?

Preschoolers need plenty of rest to grow strong. The ideal nap time is 1 to 2 hours a day, and they should always be at the same time to help the child create a routine. If you can, examine the nap area and take the opportunity to ask if the preschool provides sheets, mats, and other supplies.

5. What meals and snacks are provided?

Many parents forget to ask about the meals their children receive at preschool. This is relevant information! Your child will spend a large part of their day at preschool or daycare and needs to receive balanced meals. Ask about meal options, like alternatives for children with special needs, such as lactose intolerance and allergies.

6. How often are toys and areas cleaned?

This question is more relevant than ever given the situation the world is going through. Children are naturally curious and tend to explore, touch and even bite to understand their surroundings. Preschool staff should disinfect everything regularly to avoid any problems.

7. What safety measures does the preschool have?

Look carefully at the areas of the preschool. What is the entry procedure for visitors? Who can access the building? Are there childproof mechanisms in place? Ask all of these questions of the staff before making a decision.

8. How is behavioral guidance handled?

Clear, easy-to-follow rules help children get used to the classroom and develop social skills in a safe environment. As a parent, you should know the actions and strategies teachers will take in the event of a conflict, such as positive redirection or cooldown time. The staff should consider children’s emotional well-being when handling discipline.

9. What will an average day be like for my child?

Take advantage of the tour to get details about the activities your child will be doing during the day. You know your child better than anyone else, so you’ll know what kind of routine is best for them based on their interests, development, and behavior.

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