Fun technology activities for kids preschoolers

Fun technology activities for preschoolers

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that technology is part of our lives and has the potential to transform everything. If used correctly, it is an incredible tool that empowers us to do things we once thought impossible! Therefore, your children must learn how to use it from an early age.

Here are some ideas you can try with your children to help them channel their curiosity and familiarize themselves with technology.

Understanding technology for kids

When we talk about technology, we refer to devices such as TVs and smartphones as well as other tools that facilitate activities. We can divide technology into two broad categories.

  • Electronic or digital technology, such as phones, computers, or home appliances. This category also includes software such as apps and social networks.
  • Non-electronic technology, such as scissors, glue, hole-punchers, spray bottles, and so on.

Both offer fun options to educate your children and help them develop new skills. Be sure to supervise your kids all the time, even when they handle safety scissors and other tools considered safe.

This time, we will only discuss digital activities.

Learning words and sounds

Did you know that a tablet can be your best friend when teaching your children to read or identify objects? Nowadays, app stores have a large number of apps for children that you can download to make learning more attractive.

Since you can play sounds, images, and videos on the same device, these apps are perfect for learning numbers, identifying animals or objects, singing along, and more. All of this contributes to your children’s literacy skills.


Drawing is exciting and can stimulate children’s imaginations while sharpening their motor skills, but digital art also has its advantages. Technology allows children to explore different techniques and colors without creating a mess. It’s also easier to take their creations with you. Simply teach them how to open the app (there are many!), have fun and, little by little, they’ll figure out the rest.

Since messy art is also an important part of a creative childhood, you can use these apps or websites to print out coloring pages!

Complement active play

There are many apps you can use to motivate children to engage in physical activities, such as scavenger hunts, re-enacting stories, or cooking together. You can also use your device as a scoreboard to record points when they play sports.

One of our favorite ideas is to bring a tablet with you to outdoor walks and look up information to teach children about nature. There are no limits to what you can do to enhance your children’s real-world activities!

Watch videos together

Your children can learn many things from the Internet, even other languages! Make some time to watch videos together and answer simple questions. Your guidance can help increase their general knowledge or reinforce things they already know. You can also create albums with pictures to complement storytime.

Technology is necessary for our lives and can work wonders for your child’s learning process, as long as you set rules for its use. Don’t forget to talk to teachers to learn about how they implement technology within the classroom and coordinate activities at home together.

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